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7 Bewildering results post rigorous IELTS coaching in Chandigarh

7 students of our IELTS Institute in Chandigarh brought noteworthy results in a single day!!
Gurleen 8.5 Bands Jashan 8.0 Bands Anshdeep 8.0 Bands Shweta 7.5 Bands
Gurnaaz 7.5 Bands Rohit 8.0 Bands Ankit 8.0 Bands

What does the faculty of Dolphin Head Hunters do for delivering top notch coaching services!!

Dolphin Head Hunters has established itself as a brand which is notable in the education industry. This organization was incepted in the year of 2009 and gradually succeeded by delivering best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh. Over a period of more than one decade now, improvements done over the past period with extensive experience has helped this institute turning into the pioneer of the industry.

Taking into account on the top of the priority list, Dolphin imbibed the success story by keeping the promises of delivering high end and top notch results in IELTS exams. Our foremost objective is to maintain the status of Top IELTS institute for all the upcoming years by carefully handpicking the staff and employing highly experienced faculty panel for providing best IELTS coaching which can help students achieve their desired band scores. We never set back from delivering what we promise at the time of admissions.

Considering the prescribed requirements, we have carefully deployed highly regarded and renowned educationalists for the post of IELTS trainers and are also certified by IELTS IDP India post self appearing for IELTS test. Alongside the training panel, we have provided a wide range of facilities on the basis of personalized needs of every candidate who take admission for IELTS coaching here.

On the account of the efforts our team put forth, faculty of our IELTS institute in Chandigarh has been apportioned with many awards for delivering upscale skill development related to the preparation of all IELTS test modules with an ease. Moreover, there is a dedicated research cell which has been set up here in accordance to the guidelines laid by experts from IDP international training team for the regular development of quality study material which in turn will benefit the students to get batter bands than the ones which they can score in their IELTS test with basic level of preparation and judgment.

Therefore, our approach of crafting top IELTS coaching in Chandigarhis well accredited and highly praised by the working professionals as well who face difficulty in attending IELTS classes because of busy schedule. Taking into consideration the availability of less time and faster training along with the ongoing job, special batches have been set up which suit their special needs and attention requirements.

Facilitating a renowned IELTS institute in Chandigarh in a congenial manner and distributing quality IELTS preparation resources as per the intellectual level of all the learners are not easy assignments. We, at Dolphin Head Hunters, ensure that every shortcoming is dealt in a planned manner and best possible results must be delivered by teaching lessons through the right educational resources which can act as a savior on the pathway to success.

In order to always remain ahead of the legacy, we provide first-rate IELTS preparation in Chandigarh while heading towards unmatchable results in IELTS industry since our establishment in the year of 2009. The useful hints and strategies in the form of IELTS tips and tricks being provided by the teachers employed here can abet all the scholars clear this arduous exam in the foremost attempt.

With the operational expertise of more than 13 years now, IDP IELTS has accredited us with a coveted title of Best IELTS support partner in Chandigarh for the year 2022. Our convenient IELTS coaching approach makes work, study, or visa applications simpler and provides assurity of 7.5+ bands within pre planned deadlines for all the test takers.

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Our Expertise

Dolphin Head Hunter
05 May 2022

8 Bands IELTS – Admission open

Take admission at Dolphin Head Hunter which is a famous Institute for providing IELTS  to you for scoring 8 bands in your test. We are one stop for all your needs related to  IELTS Listening, IELTS...

Dolphin Head Hunter
05 May 2022

Join Dolphin for IELTS for scoring 8 Bands

Join Dolphin Head Hunters for scoring 8 Bands IELTS training is designed to assess the capability of students with 8 bands who want to explore their skills in foreign countries...

Educational Partners

Some concerns in the minds of pupils before enrolling for

The world today is shrinking due to the advent of globalization reforms and has lead people to search jobs study or resettlement options with better opportunities in abroad nations making world a better place to live and connect. Since we are well aware about the transformation in cross border rules which have brought everyone’s life to a localized unit, this automatically this leads to the need of a common language for effective communication in developed nations take responsibility of migration for international job or better job opportunities.

In order to provide a common testing platform for linguistic range testament and easements in the preparation flow process, IELTS has taken a step forward and become an inevitable requirement to comply with the surge of ever increasing communication gaps. As the immigration authorities of various nations which are considered to be the developed ones globally taking initiatives of talent relocation on periodic basis, the officials try their best to infiltrate candidates on the basis of skills including effective communication who tend to enter in the new regime or culture. To make sure, those early migrants do not face major issues in the initial phases of settlement, prior preparations and assessment have become a major need of hour. Seeing such applicants preparing for the complete drift of life, many questions in relation to tests which are internationally accepted like IELTS pop up in the minds of others witnessing the process. Some of the most prominent queries out of them are:

What IELTS personifies?

IELTS test appraise a person on various guidelines of International language that include descriptive communication as well as analytical retention ability. The core motive behind assessment of this exam is to certify the language proficiency of an exam taker by taking in account all the possible skill sets. This test asses a person ability by judging vocabulary standards, ability to interpret written discourse and understanding grammatical concepts with an ease.

How IELTS test structure is organized?

The streamlined structure of IELTS test is divided among four distinct modules which act as pillars to strengthen the testing model by assessing a person on each and every source of communication possible. IELTS is a globally accepted educational venture which is jointly managed by three different organizations, including Cambridge University, IDP as well as British Council at an international level and having its presence in almost 198 countries worldwide.

When is the IELTS test taken?

IELTS test is conducted worldwide as per the pre decided and well organized calendar with weekly basis dates. Notably, this test is conducted mostly on weekends. Usually, the presence is available on all four or five weekends for the academic version of the exam. However, the General Training version of the test is conducted only bimonthly basis since the number of applications in this segment are usually less in comparison to IELTS Academic version. Apart from these dates, during some intervals, the Academic IELTS test is sometimes organized on Thursdays as well. Apart from this, the cabin speaking interview sessions are always organized on weekdays keeping a periodic gap of three days prior or after the rest of the exam components.

Where is the IELTS Test manifested?

This one of the most commonly raised query by many of the exam aspirants. The concern is, if the applicant has to travel a lot of miles to take this exam or is locally available too? The very obvious answer to this question now is yes! The global reach of IELTS test has made it centrally assessable at almost every local city now. It is delivered in close proximity at many places now days giving an ease to al the candidates. Moreover, it is available at multiple locations in our very own city Chandigarh as well.

Who accepts IELTS certification?

Well, observing the current scenario of the world, this exam is taken into consideration and highly accepted by more than 23000 organizations worldwide. These esteemed organizations consider IELTS as a language base for admission into study programs or testifying a person’s language command who is thinking of a career or resettlement abroad. Notably, the reach is constantly inclining on regular intervals.

Where a candidate can expect The Best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh?

In the race of educational businesses, a lot of coaching institutes have shown up which claim themselves to be the best one. But we recommend, one should look for an extensive reputation which that IELTS institute has developed over years as well as the level of accreditation delivered by IDP and Cambridge University. These organizations accommodate partnership programs on the basis of set quality parameters which a coaching center delivers. The team of Dolphin Head Hunters proudly says “We are the gold partner of IDP as well as Cambridge University.” The consistent delivery of highly recognizable results illuminates our presence in IELTS industry since augmentation in the year of 2009. Our course curriculum research and authentic study material help students in achieving desired bands within shorter time periods.

Am I eligible to take IELTS exam?

For taking the IELTS exam, a candidate must be at least 16 years of age and preferably a secondary school pass out. A valid passport issued by the government is a mandatory need to appear for IELTS test. It is highly suggested that, the applicant must have a strong hold on different aspects of the language parameters which sometimes is not possible due to less exposure during the tender age. But, it entirely varies from person to person

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This company really appreciates me when I am at my zero experience level because at that time we grow or totally get nervous. So morally they support me and a family like environment I got here. I really learn a lot here, nice experience gain including a lot of fun. A totally different mentality in my mind is established that company is not a burden yourself infect creates you. Thanks to everyone in this company.


Manisha Bhardwaj


Reputed Clients So Far

Why choose us for Best IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh?

  • Consistently winning awards for the Best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh since 2016 every year from various international educational bodies.
  • A well catalogued and modernized coaching approach for the congenial development of all applicants.
  • A grooved ambiance where the faculty treats everybody impartially and provide best tips and tricks to clear IELTS exam at the outset only.
  • Weekly mock test series along with proper retaliation system where every query is taken in a channelized manner.
  • World class infrastructure which accommodates all the facilities be it audio or video labs along with dedicated cabins for individual Interview based speaking.
  • A decisive aura and expert student counselors to escort you through the journey of coaching, right from the beginning till the commencement of the test and beyond.
  • Industry standard and up to the minute study material along with standardized tips and tricks which make it easy to grasp every IELTS module in a faultless manner.
  • Tailored batches have been designed to match the comfort level of working professionals considering their job commitments and busy schedule.
  • Certified faculty panel for IELTS institute by British Council as well as IDP is providing consistency in exam filling and delivering good results after attaining the accreditation as a gold partner.
  • Expertise of 13 years so far since inception in 2009, a bright vision was maintained for attaining success rate in results.

The schedule of IELTS coaching in Chandigarh at Dolphin Head Hunters

The preparation of IELTS lessons being offered here have been scheduled for Four hours every day and a complementary one hour session of grammar is offered to all the students in order to make sure everything goes in a streamline when a test taker reaches at the exam centre after completing the training period.

Some of the most preferred batch timings are:

1st Batch: 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM | 2nd Batch: 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM | 3rd Batch: 11.30 AM to 3.30 PM | 4th Batch: 12.30 PM to 4.30 PM

5th Batch: 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM | 6th Batch: 3.30 PM to 6.30 PM | 7th Batch: 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Special IELTS batches for working professionals

To provide the experience of Best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh, Dolphin Head Hunters has now evolved into hybrid world and has come up with the provision of special IELTS classes for working professionals. In these specially scheduled IELTS batches, working professionals are provided module specific classes via flexible schedule by our highly knowledgeable faculty and are supported with a special mock test series which make the testing experience fruitful and assess their skills efficiently.

What makes us different from other institutes offering IELTS coaching in Chandigarh Sector 34?

Getting into any local IELTS institute to get the desirable band score is certainly not a good choice as most of them are not able to deliver what they promise in the beginning. Getting into IELTS coaching is not limited to daily practice followed by doubt sessions; it is more of skill polishing by making the student acquainted with all the linguistic range and analytical assessment in order to score higher than the basic potential possible. At Dolphin Head Hunters, our foremost step is to assess the basic understanding and intellect level of the candidate. With the availability of multiple time slots, our counselors guide the suitable batch as per the needs pertaining and inform the faculty about the special needs of the learners accordingly. Right set of coordination and timely decisiveness help in skill nurturing in an adequate manner thus leading to good score in the final IELTS exam.