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Spoken English has become a crucial skill that is recognised and appreciated all around the world. It has become the basis of communication for people from different countries.

Dolphin Head Hunters is a prestigious and well-known educational institution that offers top-notch classroom preparation programmes for language skill assessment and growth. Dolphin Head Hunters is a significant educational institution with branches throughout Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, and neighbouring areas. Join our institute, which is regarded as one of the most dominant names in terms of top results, if you are considering beginning your IELTS test preparation in the near future. Each of the centres we own employs a dedicated methodology, a faculty that is highly qualified and experienced, and a committed approach. We have developed innovative and transforming training programs for students, professionals, and non-professionals to make them competitive in their future endeavours.

What Makes Us Your Top Choice?

We are well known for our research skills, which are carefully carried out to serve as a one-stop-shop for hopefuls taking tests like the PTE and IELTS. Our team of professionals has significant expertise in IELTS, PTE, IELTS Speaking, and Personality Development. We mostly concentrate on body language, fluency, confidence, and public speaking. We can trace our development back to 2009, when we first dominated the realm. The fact that we are a team of core teaching professionals working together and have meticulously designed the curriculum with an eye toward the specific requirements that the candidates have listed makes it an honour to bring to your kind attention that we have a robust presence in the industry. Our faculty is available at all times to help our students whenever required. Today when we think back, it brings us great pleasure knowing of our students who are successfully settled abroad. With our proper supervision and informative teaching style, we have helped many achieve their desired scores. Our existence in the educational field is comparable to the attitude-driven, relentless pursuit of perfection displayed by an eagle in flight.

Who Are We?

2009 marked the beginning of Dolphin Head Hunters' commitment to excellence. We started with IELTS and spoken English courses for training, and in more recent years, we introduced PTE as well, making the best use of English a significant aspect. We offer students and professionals a great value proposition by giving them an extraordinary learning experience thanks to our numerous international accreditations and generous corporate support. Perhaps, we are the oldest IELTS testing centre in Chandigarh, Ambala, and Patiala. We are among the forerunners of English-language education in Punjab and stand out in this industry thanks to our excellent reputation in the field of English studies. Our team members are well-regarded Cambridge Certified Trainers who have received professional training, experience, and certification from IDP.

What We Do?

We are a well-run training and skills development organisation that offers the best preparation programmes and services for people of all ages, whether students or corporate professionals, according to their preferences and choices.

Our Mission & Value

To imbibe best values and holistic approach of congenial skill development, we ensure that our faculty provides the students with the proper values and information, which are timely moulded and fostered with periodic training and assessments.

Our Role

Every person wants to improve over time and succeed in life, and every organisation needs a diligent, dedicated employee who can contribute for high-end growth. Our highly experienced and diligent team urge students to take IELTS to find the finest possibilities for study abroad or resettlement programmes so they can travel the globe. In order to help a learner find suitable chances later on in the world, we take into account professional training and employment history and create a program that best fit their needs.

To know about us in detail, write to us at: hrdolphin786@gmail.com

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