Tips and Tricks to Crack IELTS Reading Exam in First Attempt

Tips and Tricks to Crack IELTS Reading Exam in First Attempt

Tips and Tricks to Crack IELTS Reading Exam in First Attempt: IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, it is an expensive exam so it is usually it is recommended that the applicants practice well and crack the examination with the desired band in the first attempt. Reading is the most difficult and score-gaining module but well preparation makes you an expert to solve the reading section. Here in this blog are some Tips to Crack IELTS Reading Exam in First Attempt.

Here are the Best Tips To Help You Successfully Get 7+ Bands in IELTS Reading Exam

Understand the Structure

The firstmost among the best Tips To Crack IELTS Reading Test is to understand the structure of the Reading module to crack the IELTS examination. The Reading module consists of 40 questions, and the test takes 60 minutes including the transfer time, designed to test a vast range of reading skills. The candidate should take more than 20 minutes on each one of the parts.  These include reading the main ideas, reading for gist, skimming, reading for detail, understanding the logical arguments, and recognizing the writer’s attitudes, purpose, and opinion.

  • Match headings to paragraphs, diagrams, or charts
  • Complete the sentences
  • Fill the gaps in a written passage or in a table
  • Complete the summary
  • Answer multiple-choice questions
  • Information identification
  • Short answer question

Learn the Marking & Grading Pattern

Once the applicant understands or is confident about the reading structure, the next thing to understand is the module & grading pattern, as well as relevant so that the whole format is clear. Students should time themselves to read a passage within a particular time limit. The time factor is very strict, and students need to manage their time or else they will not be able to complete the examination in 60 minutes. Keep these tips in mind to crack IELTS reading test.

  • Nouns and verbs
  • Dates and years
  • Numbers or figures
  • Capitalized or italicized words/phrases
  • Names (places, scientists, people, and more included in the passage)
  • Locations (towns, cities, states, countries, etc)

Skimming and Scanning

Reading techniques are called skimming which includes reading through a text within the shortest time. With the help of this technique, it is possible to identify general ideas or key themes. Apart from this scanning, refers to looking for very specific information such as a date, name, or number. Just run your eyes quickly down the article in search of a currency indicator and then decide if this is referring to what you are looking for scanning, just as the word implies, refers to looking for very specific information, perhaps a number, name, or date, without reading every word in the given article.

For instance, when you need to know how much something costs, just run your eyes quickly down the article in search of a currency indicator and then decide if this is referring to what you are looking for. While skimming helps in gaining an overall view of the written text, scanning helps in tracing down specific details needed. There is no need to understand and read each word in the passage. Focus on the relevant important details and information to answer the questions. The key is to quickly find the relevant details without wasting time reading the entire passage.

  • Titles
  • Subtitles
  • Keywords
  • Topic sentences

Applicant Don’t have to Read All Paragraphs in the Reading Section

Usually, students read all parts and waste their time, when you begin with the reading test, first skim the article. Get an overall understanding of the theme of each of the paragraphs 1, and 2,3,4. Makes notes around the written text to help yourself in the practice procedure. This itself will help candidates answer multifarious questions. After this, have a quick look at the questions and start reading to find specific details needed.

  • Efficiency in grasping the general sense of a passage.
  • Quickness in reading for the main ideas
  • Ability to read for details
  • Understanding inferences and implied meaning
  • Identifying the writer’s opinions, attitude, and purpose

Abide by the rules

Read the instruction and guidelines carefully before writing the answer on your sheet. Ensure that you follow all the rules in case of questions that ask you to write your answer in a particular number of words. Count your words to ensure the word count and do remember that words such as  ‘I’ ‘and’ a ‘a’ is also considered a word.

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