Top 7 Tips for Cracking IELTS Writing Exam

Top 7 Tips for Cracking IELTS Writing Exam

Top 7 Tips for Cracking IELTS Writing Exam: Each IELTS module has its own scores and the average score of all four modules is your final IELTS score. The band score is equal for all four sessions writing, speaking, reading, and listening, but all are not equally easy or difficult. According to current surveys on IELTS modules, the writing session is the most difficult module in comparison to others.

Writing Test is considered the toughest module of any exam due to major English proficiency tests like IELTS and also the marks are uncertain in this section. Aside from this a realistic plan and consistent practice can help you gain a good score in the IELTS writing section. Here in this blog, we mentioned Top 7 Tips for Cracking IELTS Writing Exam.

Best Tips To Help You in Successfully Getting Desired Bands in IELTS Writing Test

The writing is of 60 minutes. It is divided into two tasks. The first task is of 20 minutes while the second one last 40 minutes. 1st Section: The first task of the general IELTS Test. It is a short essay written in reaction to a given situation. Do not add your words. The academic first part is a short descriptive essay of a chart or a graph with a length of a minimum of 150 words. 2nd Section: The test-taker in both tasks is given a longer discursive essay to write on a given argument or a problem on an average of 250 words. Use your a general example and gave a clear conclusion.

Section 1 ( 150 words) Section 2 (250 words)

Read The Question Carefully and Understand the Demand of the Question

First and foremost, Read your question carefully and understand the demand of the question and identify the kind to which it belongs. To cite an example in part 2 your question is asking for an opinion or solution. Or it is demanding for discussing both views or your views about the lines.

  • Think about what the questioner is asking for
  • Take your time
  • Use an appropriate bridge
  • Be as prepared as possible with good answers

Avoid Repetition and Embrace Punctuation

On the most basic level, avoid copy-pasting sentences into multifarious sections of the paper because readers usually do not enjoy the repetition of this type. Add some flair to your language and avoid repetitive, dull usage of words due to this examiner thinking that you have poor knowledge of the language. Using correct punctuation, spelling accuracy, range of vocabulary, and word formation is essential to gain a higher band score.

  • Use a variety of different transition words.
  • Don’t Use the Heading more than once
  • Don’t restate the points you have already made
  • Vary the structure and length of your sentences.
  • Don't use the same pronoun to reference more than one antecedent

Stick To Formal Language to Archive 9 band Score on Writing Test

Don’t take questions personally, and don’t elaborate your essay in your personal language that looks informal. Do not use shortcuts like can’t, don’t,&,  isn’t, etc, and, social media slang in your essay. Write full grammatically sound sentences on your topic. Use a formal tone to avoid 1st and 2nd pronouns such as I, you, etc. This can be used in conclusion only, the tone of the entire task will be formal or semi-formal.

1 H and 5 W’s to Score High Bands

This is a good tip for Cracking IELTS Writing Exam to follow while looking for ideas based on your prompt. What, why, who, when, where, and how. These will clear up to fog surrounding the prompt and allow you to write freely. Moreover, it clears your mind and you can track your topic very fast.

Personalize The Topic and Use Connecters

Add relevant examples and connectors like:

  • Not only but it also
  • But
  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • In Addition
  • To elaborate
The topic is going to be read by an examiner and phrase your thoughts and ideas freely. The main point here is to grasp what the prompt needs from you and structure your essay accordingly.

Practice Writing  Tests To Crack Writing Tests

You have to practice and write essays regularly, and be your own teacher because their is no shortcut. Daily practice improves yourself and you can easily identify your weakness and it helps you to improve your writing abilities effectively.

  • Introduction
  • Body paragram 1 and 2
  • Conclusion

Few More Tips and Tricks To Get 7+ Bands in IELTS Writing Exam

  • Don't spend more than 20 mins on task 1
  • Always write over 150 words for task 1 and over 250 words for task 2
  • Always write a clear overview for task 1 academic
  • Don't count the number of words, count the lines and estimate your word count
  • You can plan your essay on the question paper

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