IELTS Exam - What is the Criteria, Test Format and Recent Pattern of Exam

IELTS Exam - What is the Criteria, Test Format and Recent Pattern of Exam

They say "IELTS is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today".

Chandigarh people are always hunting for good IELTS Institutions to crack this tough and tricky exam. Nowadays, a lot of people are interested in moving to Canada and Australia and clearing IELTS is one of the primary foundations to it.

We are Dolphin Head Hunters Team - The renowned resettlement educational guide of the Tricity. We help people to confidently listen, read, write and speak - all things Chandigarh.

We create different levels of educational content that brings the best out of you. So, lets delve deeper and see what is new in this world’s renowned test.

What is the criterion of exam application? Am I Eligible for it or no?

Currently, the criteria of appearing this arduous test has been kept simple and anyone above 16 years of age is allowed to sit for it without any restriction. However, in the recent times, the methodology of delivering the test has been diversified in two different channels which is Pen and paper based – A Traditional method which is well regarded in terms of flexibility as well as the comfort being offered to naive applicants.

Not Good with Handwriting? No worries. IELTS is available on computer too!

In order to give an ease of access to some tech savvy abroad aspirants who tend to escape this test and appear for other alternatives in the previous times, a new launch has been made accessible in the previous years and IDP Education Pvt Ltd, the sole owner of this test now in India is trying to give Computer based version of this test a higher boost in the near future taking in consideration the investment made to build the infrastructure requisite to conduct the exam on a fair note as well as to capture the share of market which was in losses due to other available options.

I heard some changes have come up in the test format. Is it true? If yes, what changes have been introduced recently?

We recently went through multiple experiments with feedbacks and were really impressed to see the success rate and the quality services our faculty members are providing despite a major change which has been introduced in the pattern of this test.

Originally the test used to be conducted in a fixed sequence which always initiated from Listening flowed by Reading and commencement used to occur with the mind blowing Writing module since it needs a lot of ideas and a good presentation for good score. Apart from this, the speaking test used to be conducted in face to face manner that too on a separately scheduled day for giving the comfort to the test taker.

Wherein, the latest test pattern has been introduced recently in the month of July 2022, which sidelines the original approach completely and the beginning of the exam now is done with writing module. According to the experts of the industry, this change has brought a major revolution into the teaching approach and students may suffer in the conceding modules owing to a high time effort which is required for generating good ideas in the 2 tasks associated with this part, on the contrary student views are certainly different in this relation and are joyous to perform these tasks with a fresh mind.

Reading test will be conducted after this as per the latest guidelines that have been introduced and effective presently. Taking into consideration the toughness of this module, an ease of access has been provided by mineralizing the reading length in the first section of reading module and introducing fillup and short answer based questions. But a noteworthy decision related to the third section of reading has been taken and the passage has been kept in a trickier manner keeping in mind the increasing burden on testing authorities and reducing opportunities due to increased strictness by the immigration and migration departments of almost every country post COVID backlog.

At last of the complete process, Listening will be given the place which has not been modified in any term other than the sequence change for the overall test. However, the speaking module has been upgraded with a newer technology and video conferencing has been given a preference rather than bringing the examiner in a physical manner with an aim of saving time and travel cost at most of the locations where CBT version of the exam is available.

All set! It’s a good time to prepare now, but how Dolphin Head Hunters team can boost my score?

At Dolphin Head Hunters, our primitive goal is to keep all the students upgraded with the latest possible information and prepare you in an erroneous way to make sure the success touches your feet early. With the right strategy, carefully selected study plan, well quipped high end infrastructure availability and effective teaching process, we are ready to serve you at our best possible.

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