Common Mistakes to Avoid in IELTS Writing Test

Common Mistakes to Avoid in IELTS Writing Test

Common Mistakes to Avoid in IELTS Writing Test: In IELTS Test All 4 modules writing, listening, Reading, and Speaking play a crucial role to get a high band score. But The IELTS writing module is the most difficult IELTS module for most students and remains clueless about how to get a good score. According to multifarious surveys on IELTS modules, the Writing Test is the toughest among the four. Writing is considered the toughest module of any exam, 70% of people fail to clear IELTS writing. In this article we are going to list the common IELTS writing mistakes people make.

It may be in major English proficiency tests like IELTS or in-school tests. Also, the marks are uncertain in this section. We all make mistakes like the saying goes, ‘you learn from your mistakes.’ But mistakes are not something we want to make when it comes to sitting the IELTS exam. Students can easily reduce them if they identify the mistakes at right time and start working to improve them or by taking IELTS Coaching. Similar is the case with IELTS Exam. In this blog, we mention some common mistakes to avoid in IELTS writing test, which helps you to gain your desired band score.

Remember the World Count in IELTS Writing Test

The most common IELTS writing mistakes people make is they don’t take care of word count and length. It is most important you adhere to the word count while performing Writing tasks because the IELTS Test tasks are word count-based. IELTS Writing tasks strictly follow the word count.

Another common mistake to avoid in the IELTS Writing test is candidates do not count their words after completing the task. for IELTS Writing Task 2 (Essay), you need to write 250 words whereas, for IELTS Writing Task 1 (Letter or Report), you require to write 150 words. Make sure to count your word after finishing a Writing task because it helps you to gain desired band scores.

  • Understand are requirements of the question
  • You count the word so that you can immediately add some more information.
  • Students will not lose marks on task accomplishment.
  • length of these tasks matters a lot.

Incorrect Format

In writing task 1, you have to describe a diagram or pie chart., table, etc is already given in the question paper. Mostly students add additional information that is not matching with instructions. Do not use your own words, imagination, or number in Writing Task 1. In Writing Task 2 should be written in an essay format using paragraphs and examples to break up your ideas. This structure will help your essay easy to understand by the examiner, You should not use headings, bullets, or points.

  • Introduction and Conclusion
  • Don't use one-sentence paragraphs
  • Use Body Paragraphs for Each idea
  • Leave a space between each paragraph and Example

Repeat the Lines / Words and Partially Address the Questions

Take your time, read the question carefully and understand what is the requirements of the question and decide how many parts are in the question. Moreover, don’t repeat the same words, or lines because it makes your task boring use proper conjunctive adverbs such as furthermore, in addition, moreover, not only but also, and, but, etc. Do not present only one viewpoint.

Presenting an Unclear Position That is Out of Topic

In writing task 2, if the aspirants present an unclear position that is out of topic so it can affect your band score. Students must make sure to decide on a position and maintain it throughout their responses. Write the test as per your think and express your thoughts in a vast way.

In Writing Task 2

  • Use personal pronouns to express your opinion
  • Don’t change your opinion during the essay
  • Decide on your opinion and present it clearly
  • Conjunctive Adverbs

Follow the Instructions

Most students repeat the common mistakes in the IELTS test and regret them at a later stage. Nevertheless, be extra careful about these common mistakes in IELTS Test, First and foremost, in the Writing test, aspirants miss out on the guidelines mentioned at the top of the very module and it is the most common mistake to avoid in the IELTS. They are important because students do not read the instructions carefully and get wrongly scored.

Typos and Spelling Errors: One Of The Most Common IELTS Writing Mistakes People Make

Spelling plays an important role to gain desired band score. Many students write tasks very well but some spelling mistake reduces their band score. Students have to Remember that computer-delivered doesn’t have a spell check A ‘typo’ is considered a spelling error. Make a list of your common errors and make sure you learn how to spell them. Another common IELTS writing test mistake is not rereading the writeup, when you complete your tasks read all paragraphs carefully to check the common mistake that should be avoided in IELTS writing tasks.

  • Check your writing for spelling errors
  • Make corrections
  • Don’t write too quickly

Some Beneficial Tips to Improve your IELTS Bands Score in Writing Task Given by Dolphin Head Hunters

  • Link your paragraphs to the topic
  • Be clear about what you want to write or express, don’t overcomplicate it.
  • Write about a topic you feel comfortable with.
  • Make sure you use examples that connect to the main idea.
  • writing more than you need is not going to earn you extra points.
  • Don’t write a book, be aware of your word count
  • Vocabulary and Grammer
  • Overview of Writing section 1
  • Introduction Paragram or general line
  •  Don’t leave out any key ideas
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