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IELTS Listening Test - Best Way to Practice and Improve Your IELTS Listening Score - IELTS listening Exam is designed to test how a test taker understands spoken English. So, it is  The Best Way to Practice and Improve Your IELTS Listening Score is to listen to lots of English being spoken. Listen to a range of things. The IELTS listing test includes two monologues and two conversations, so you have to listen to a range of things.

Academic and GT candidates will take the same listening test with the same scoring. The time of the IELTS Listening test lasted for a total of 40 minutes. You will be given 10 minutes extra to transfer your answer from the question paper to the answer sheet. The recording will play last for 30 minutes. There are four parts with 10 questions each. Each question is worth a mark of 1 and the total number of questions is 40. Do you need to improve your band score on the IELTS listening test? If you said yes, then this blog is for you. There are four parts to the listing exam

  • Social Context: Conversation between 2 people.
  • Social Context: A speech or talk with just one person.
  • Training Educational Context: Conversation between up to four people.
  • Academic Context: a talk by one person on an academic subject.

Task Type 1Multiple ChoiceTask Type 2MatchingTask Type 3Plan, map, diagram labelingTask Type 4Form, note, table, flow-chart, summary completionTask Type 5Sentence completionTask Type 6

Short answer questions

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Here's About IELTS Listening Practice Test:

In order to comprehend correctly, you must pay close attention to the audio you get to listen to during the test. The Listening exam includes four different recordings and lasts 30 minutes (plus 10 minutes for transfer time).

IELTS General and Academic trainings include the same Listening test.

The test has four sections:

Section 1: It has conversations between two people in a typical setting (e.g., a conversation in a travel agency)

Section 2: Conversation presented in a typical social setting (e.g., conversation among families)

Section 3: Here a conversation happens between or upto four people in an instructional setting. (e.g., a university tutor and student discussing an assignment)

Section 4 is a discourse on an academic topic (e.g., a university lecture).

Task Type 1Multiple Choice
Task Type 2Matching
Task Type 3Plan, map, diagram labeling
Task Type 4Form, note, table, flow-chart, summary completion
Task Type 5Sentence completion
Task Type 6Short answer questions

Audio Script

When you search or choose or select practice tests for listening, try to find ones with scripts. Listening Test Scripts are the word-for-word written texts of the audio clip you listen to. There are multiple activities candidates can do with scripts.

  • Check Accuracy: first and foremost, to improve your listening score take notes without scripts. After that, compare your notes to the scripts Check for spelling, accuracy, and misunderstanding.
  • Read aloud: After you read aloud, listen to the audio. How accurate were you? Did you sound the same as the speaker(s)?
  • Listen and read along: Notice how the keywords are pronounced clearer and louder.
  • Follow the text while you listen. This will make strong connections for your pronunciation and understanding of keywords.

Keep Track of Your Results And Improvement Band Score

When you are practicing for Listing Test, take practice tests to see where you’re losing points. Practice test plays an important role to boost your band score because it will show what areas of English are giving you trouble and where to focus your attention in order to improve. Applicants should focus on their weak points.

Practice Listening

Identify how much you can understand the general gist and start to pick out key works. In addition, listen to the audio clip again. Based on what you understood the first time. You have to continue listening to the audio clip several times to look if you can comprehend a little bit more each time. Only move to the next step when you’re not comprehending anything more from the audio. Your target must be to understand as much as possible from the audio.

Practice to Listen Only Once  and Improve Your IELTS Listening Score

The IELTS listening test is like real life. Candidates have only one chance to listen to an audio clip. Numerous candidates can not listen carefully and they lost the chance to get desired band score in the IELTS examination. While you are preparing for the exam be careful and focus on what you’re listening to in the audio clip. Practice makes you perfect to listen to English news, channels, songs, etc.

  • When applicants do practice tests, only listen once. Get used to it.
  • Try and look at your listening weaknesses and work on improving those areas.
  • On the question sheet, underline keywords. Prepare to listen for those exact words and their synonyms.
  • Practice different types of listening situations such as lectures, conversations, chatting, etc.

Best Way to Practice Think in English

When you prepare to listen to the module, it is the key rule to think in English. Because the playing audio language is English. Often we see many students try to translate everything in their head and they waste their time. Don’t do it, because it is a slow procedure and remembers in this test your language is English. At the time of the listing exam, you don’t have time to translate.  Also, you’ll have to remember key English words in your question. So, when you’re practicing English,  think in English.

How to Improve Your Listening Skills

  • Stronger Vocabulary
  • Flashcards
  • Passive Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Listening to the news in English

Conclusion - We hope this article on IELTS Listening Test - Best Way to Practice and Improve Your IELTS Listening Score has helped you with the information you needed. To conclude, Without practicing it is a little tough to improve your band score in IELTS listening Exam. So search for the best IELTS coaching institute in your area which is proficient in trained students. Coaching is crucial because it guides you very well. With the best IELTS training, you easily understand the listening format, moreover, it helps you to sharpen your reading skills as well.

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