Responsive Web Design

Technology is growing everyday ,devices with various resolution, display sizes and picture quality are coming day to day in market.It is very important these days that your website is compatible on all devices for the ease of customers. The solution to this is responsive web designing. The growing services of internet browsers proves that users expectations have also changed, people today are likely to be capable to surf the web on mobiles tablets as simply as they surf the internet on a laptop or computer. So, to make it easy, the web design community begun making mobile versions of their sites. Each and every site can have their standard ‘desktop’ version of site, and as an addition, a ‘mobile’ version.


The first strategy regarding responsive web design sites is the use of well-known technology ‘fluid grid’. In the latest data, developing a ‘liquid base layout’ that extends with the page rather than using fixed width layouts; page styles that are a fixed range of pixels throughout and then focus on design.


Dolphin Head Hunters is an trusted responsive web design company that exists in india and offers responsive web designing solutions.We have a team of experts who make complex websites look responsive using clean codes.

Our experienced and enthusiastic web designers spend their maximum strength Using the power of HTML5, CSS3and JavaScript to signify high standard responsive web design solutions.

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