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 Certification & Training Program

Java is most powerful web development tool and oops infosolutions with Sun Microsystems have build this traning program to meet the industry needs.

Java training and certification Sun offers five java technology cerfification paths that can help build your career with industry-recognized credentials, increase your responsibilities and distinguish yourself from Your peers. Becoming trained and certified in java technology provides hard evidence that you have the technical skills, professional dedication and motivation that employers value and for which they are willing to pay a Premium because Sun created java technology, they best understand the skills individuals need to make the most of it.


We will cover the following topic-

The Java Language(jdk 1.6,jdk1.7)

  • Data types, variables and array
  • Operators, control statements
  • Introducing classes
  • A closer look at methods and classes
  • Inheritance
  • Packages and interfaces
  • Exceotion handing
  • Multithreaded Progarmming
  • Enumerations,Avtoboxing, annotations, Generics
  • I/O, applets, and other topics

The Java Library

  • String Handling
  • Exploring Java.lang
  • Java.util part 1: the collection framework
  • Java.util part 2: More Utility Classes
  • Input/Output: Exploring


  • The applet class, event handing
  • Introducing AWT:Working with windows, Graphics, and text
  • Using AWT controls, layout Managers, Download Man-ager Menus images
  • New I/O, regular expressions, other packages
  • Java Beans, A tour of swings, Servelts
  • Migrating from C++ to Java

Applying Java

  • The Dynamic Billboard Applet
  • Image Menu: An Image-Based Web Menu
  • Lavatron Applet:Sports Arena Display
  • Scrabblet: A Multiplayer Word Game

J2EE Overview

  • JDBC(Java Database Connectivity)
  • Java Servlet Technology,
  • Java Server Pages Technology
  • Java Beans Components in JSP Pages
  • Enterprise Beans
  • A session Beans
  • Bean Managed Persistence
  • A Message Driven Bean
  • Enterprise java Beans Query Language
  • Web Clients and Components
  • Tranactions, Secuity
  • Resource Connections
  • J2EE Connetor Architecture
  • J2EE Design Pattern
  • Web Server(Web Logic,IBOSS TOMCAT IDE(Eclipse, Net Beans)
  • Enhanced J2EE Concepts
  • STRUTS, JDO, JSF, JMS, JNDI, J2ME, Spring,
  • Hibernate, AJAX
  • Web Services(WSDL)
  • Project Work.


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