Android Training

Introductions to Application

Brief History of Android

What is Android?

Why is android important?

What benefits does android have?

Why to choose Android

Software architecture of Android

Advantage of Android

Android features

Android market

Comparing Android with other platform Terms and acronymsInstallation and Configuration of Android

Details about the software requirement Download and installation process of JDK Installation of ADT plugin for eclipse Download and installation process of Android SDK Configuration of ADT plug-in for eclipse How to select Android version? Step to create new project? Running your application Creation of new AVDGetting Started How to select Android version Step to create new project Running your application Create of new AVD Creating run configuration Creating your first Android activity List of basic sample programs

Introduction to Application Components

Activities Services Broadcast receivers Content providers Intents Notifications Activating and shutting down components Brief idea about manifest file Brief idea about activities and Task Android Component Life Cycle

Activity Life Cycle with sample program Service Life Cycle with sample program Android Layouts

What are views, Layoutsand there classification? How Android Draws views and Layout? Classification Table Layout Tab Layout Frame Layout Absolute Layout Linear Layout Android View

Grid View In detail With Example Map View Indetail with Example Web View Indetail with Example Spinner In detailwith Example Gallery In detailwith Example Google Map View Indetail with Example Introduction to creating activity user interfaces with views Different ways of creating views Using Xml Styles and Theme

Providing resources Different resource file location Accessing resources Accessing platform resources Handling runtime changes Introduction to Menus How to create menus?

Types of Android ApplicationMenus Option Menu—-a. Icon and b. Expanded – In detail with Example ContextMenu ln detail with example Sub Menu—In detail with example Handling User Interaction

Handling user events Different types of event listener OnClickO OnLongClickO OnCreateContextMenuO Different types of event handler Creating Dialogs

Introduction to dialogs Showing and dismissing of dialog boxes Alert dialog—with example Progress dialog with example Creating running applications—Events Notifications

Notifying Users Status bar Notification Toast Notification Dialog Notification Intents, broadcast receivers, adapters and internet

Different types of intent Launching sub-activities What is intent filter Intent objects —In detail with example Using intents to take pictures Handling sub activity results Data Storage

Android techniques for data storage Storing in files Loading fromfiles Storing in databases Working with SQL lite

Introducing SQLitedatabase Working with Androiddatabases Using SQLite OpenHelper Cursors and content values Opening and closing DatabaseWorking in Background

Introducing services, Service life cycle Creating and controlling services Registering a service in the manifest Starting controlling and interacting with a serviceUsing the camera, taking pictures and the media API

Controlling the camera and taking pictures Playing audio and video Introducing the media player Packaging audio as an application resource Initializing audio content for playback Playing video using the video view Initializing video content for playback Supported video formats Controlling playback Managing media playback output Recording audio and video Using Intents to Record Video Multimedia supported audio formats Maps, geo coding and location based services

UsingLocation Based Services Workingwith the location manager Configuring the Emulator to Test Location Based Services Drawing 2D and 3D

Graphics Rolling your own Widgets Drawables Bitmaps Paint Using Bluetooth and managing and Monitoring

Wi-Fi Accessing the Local Bluetooth Device Adapter Managing Wi Fi Configurations Introducing SMS and MMS

Using SMS Sending SMS Using Intents Content providers

What is content provider ? How to access build-in Content Provider ? Retrieving buil-in content provider data Android Telephony

Launching the Dialer to Initiate Phone- Calls Replacing the native Dialer Accessing Phone and Network Properties & Status Reading Phone device details Projects On Apps

Gaming(minesweeper,car/motor cycle racing,Pizza Order, Traffic Control System,Automatic Mailing System Video Conferencing,Automatic controll of Ambulence, Theft Monitoring, Crime Controll System,Chatting, path tracer,call blocker,call recordings, defence system etc.

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